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My name is  Kirill Lucenko

I'm MC & Host

I truly understand

the excitement that you feel about your Special Event!

You need someone you can trust to make your dreams reality.

So, let's get started! 
I'm happy to offer all my many years of experience in event planning. 

We had a lot of fun working with you.

Your help in creation of our wedding is priceless! 

Thank you very much.

Maia & Jaroslav

So far, more than 170 couples were setting up happy weddings with my assistance. 

 More than 60 corporate and private clients are satisfied with my work.

  More than 16,000 people of different ages, professions, and nationalities have seen me on the stage at their fantastic parties.


I'm not just an MC.

I also have years of experience as an Event planner, entertainer, and moderator of official ceremonies. I can work behind the scenes and at your event to make your party spectacular.


   Let's get acquainted and make your wedding/corporate party/ birthday/ or any Event even better that you have been planning!

turn your dream into reality
San Francisco

+ 1 (628) 228 76 23


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